The brilliance of this book is its simplicity. I was so appreciative to receive an advance copy. It was a quick read and yet jam-packed with “a-ha” moments and learning opportunities. Dr. Joel Bennett invites readers to pause and open themselves to the possibility that there may just be a different way of experiencing the concept of time. We are all so aware of the clock-time ticking away, the days and years that have passed, and the minutes and hours we have yet to wait. We are held hostage, in a way, to the demands on our time and the seeming inability to get “all the things” done. If we really think about it, our reliance on so-called “clock time” is impeding our wellness with every tick. We have been socialized to exist by measured time, but, in fact, this is not the only way time exists. (There is science to prove it.) Dr. Bennett, who has studied time extensively along with wellness from a variety of perspectives, meets readers where they are and welcomes them to journey along with him on a Quest for Presence. And while he acknowledges the very personal path that each of us will wander, he offers encouragement, intriguing questions, and a set of contemplations that gently challenge the reader to look deeper at how time exists in other ways in our life. He is a companion on this journey, whose curiosity and wisdom are both comforting and motivating. This book serves as an introduction –or perhaps, an invitation is a better way of experiencing it — to a series of books that Dr. Bennett has written, which serves as a self-paced workshop to discovering the tapestry of time. The Quest for Presence promises that if we allow ourselves to take notice of the various forms and forces that interweave and even allow the chaos to flow through, we will awaken to the treasures of this happening life.

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