It was a great privilege to be one of the advanced readers of the book. Dr. Joel has an ability to make you dive deep within and connect with your true essence. I was able to continue the book in few hours as it was so captivating. It is direct and very practical, it raises awareness of what truly matters and how to be conscious of effectively using our time and stay present to the important things in our lives. From the very beginning of reading the first few pages I was so intrigued by the idea of the invitation to experience time as source of well being. From my life and work experience, as I work with many women and mothers, time was always an enemy and we are constantly fighting it. So perceiving time as a friend and shifting our perspective is essential for living an abundant life. Reading about Spirituality is always a pleasure of mine, the book offers a material to help us become aware of who were are in relation to ourselves, the divine and the collective Soul of humanity, it is a transcending experience. The book is a combination of concepts, interesting illustrations and very practical exercises that invites you to move into a different realm within the daily business of life. The book is a simple, short, practical guide that would bring about a shift in your life and perspective on time.

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